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The Courtyard

The Courtyard

The Courtyard is an open air banqueting space with a permanent stage and a space for bar and live counter. This space is beside The Pavilion and sometimes may be accompanied with it. Ideal for outdoor events such as parties, shows and other such open functions, The Courtyard is where you can enjoy the dining outdoors.


Hall Name

Hall/Room Setup and Maximum Capacity

Theatre Style

Class Room

Block Setup



U- Shape

The Courtyard

170 pax

120 pax

50 pax

50 pax

125-150 pax

40 pax



Banquet Menu Options: 

Nepali, Indian, Continental, Italian, Chinese & Thai.


Conference Facilities:
Outdoor Catering Service
Shangri-La on Wheels
High-Speed Internet facility on request
Parking Spaces with Valet Service