We at Shangri~La Hotel and Resort have always considered guest comfort and safety as our highest priority. To assure you of this, we enlisted here a proactive safety and security measures that are an integral part of daily operations in our Hotel and Resort.

  • All staff are trained to be a part of ‘Safety and Security Team’, whereby they are responsible to ensure guest safety and security.
  • Our Hotel and Resort are equipped with the latest closed circuit television and monitoring (CCTV) and smoke detection and alarm system in key areas and guest floors which is monitored 24 hours/7days by Hotel’s Security Division.
  • Our staffs are trained in security and fire-fighting drill to deal with emergencies of all types. The drill is conducted regularly by the Expert Consultants.
  • Shangri~La Hotel and Resort Nepal, with the legacy of over thirty seven years in hospitality service is always committed to ensure guest satisfaction, safety and security at all times.